Mission and History

Our Mission

  • To provide our customers water of the highest quality in a fair, efficient, and responsible manner
  • To manage the District’s assets in a prudent fashion
  • To promote the goals of the District as determined by the Board of Trustees
  • To maintain an adequate supply of water for current customers while meeting the needs of a growing service area.


The Woodfin Sanitary Water & Sewer District was formed in 1927 to provide drinking water and sanitation services to the area of North Buncombe County between the City of Asheville and the Town of Weaverville. Over the last 90 years, the District has grown to serve a population of 10,000 spread over 3 municipalities and Buncombe County. In 1991, the District’s sanitation lines were turned over to Metropolitan Sewer District of Buncombe County for operation and maintenance.

Today, the District maintains nearly 100 miles of distribution line, a 2 million gallon daily capacity treatment plant, nearly 3.5 million gallons of water storage facilities, as well as numerous pumping stations, fire hydrants, and other appurtenances necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the system.

Service areas within the District include parts of the City of Asheville, Town of Woodfin, Town of Weaverville, and unincorporated areas of Buncombe County.

The Board of Trustees meets every third Monday of the month at 1:00 P.M. at the District's main office located at 122 Elkwood Avenue. Meetings are open to the public.