Automated Bill Payment Bank Draft Request

As a convenience to our customers, the District offers an automatic bank draft payment option. Approximately two weeks after the generation of your new bill, you can have the total amount due automatically drafted from your account. There is no charge for this service and it can save you time, effort and money involved in writing checks or paying by credit card. This option is only available for checking or savings accounts at banks that have nine digit routing numbers. We will continue to send you a regular bill showing you the date and amount of draft for your records.

In order to verify your identity you must provide a valid driver's license number and daytime telephone number so that we may contact you for confirmation prior to setting up automatic drafts.

By clicking "Submit", you agree to have regular Woodfin Sanitary Water & Sewer District payments drafted from your account. If you wish to stop automated payments you must contact our office. Providing stolen or other fraudulent information is a Class G felony under North Carolina General Statutes and offenders are subject to full prosecution under the law. Draft submissions are encrypted, logged and verified for authenticity prior to drafting.

Please enter your Woodfin Water account number here.
Please enter your bank routing number here (9 digits). This is the first set of numbers on the bottom of your check.
Please enter your bank account number here.