Make a Payment

Online payment customers - please read this first!

If you have your account number and last four digits of your phone number, you can continue payment below. With your account number you may also pay by automated telephone by calling 1-866-414-3924, 24 hours a day.

If you have your correct account number but are unsuccessful at signing on, try using "0000" for the last four digits of your phone number, as the system will only recognize the last four digits of the phone number we have on file for you, which often changes due to relocation, changing phone companies, etc. If you still have problems or questions, please call our office at 253-5551.

Please note that, for security reasons, online billpay will not show your usage history or any other identifying information other than your name and current amount due; if you need other information you will need to contact our office directly.

*On the final payment screen (payment verification), do not click "Finish" more than once - your credit card will be charged every time you click "Finish"!

Thank you for your business!