Employment Opportunities


The District maintains a staff of qualified professionals to operate the system; we offer excellent benefits, good pay and pleasant working conditions. If you are interested in employment with the District, please review any current openings below as well as the position description corresponding to that opening. Please do not submit applications unless a position is currently available.

Office personnel have no information on hiring dates, interview times, or other information, so please do not call for these issues. 


Current Openings


 Distribution Technician Trainee/Meter Reader


General Description:

Under the direction of the Distribution System Supervisor, performs skilled and semi-skilled work in the operation and maintenance of the water distribution system and its facilities and equipment.

Features of this Position:

An employee in this position performs work associated with the operation and maintenance of the water distribution system.  Duties include but are not limited to:  Walks and/or drives alone from meter to meter on assigned routes.  Reads water meters and accurately records readings.  Maintains the Distribution system and its associated facilities involving: storage tanks, pumps and appurtenances, testing equipment and facilities, water mains and service lines, valves, fire hydrants, and other responsibilities as may be designated by the Distribution System Supervisor. Work involves processes that maintain the safe and effective distribution of potable water that meets local, state and federal regulations, and may include: repairing water mains and service lines, flushing hydrants, and installation of service connections. An employee in this position must be able to understand and maintain proper record-keeping and safety procedures and exercise a limited amount of independent judgment in the absence of a supervisor. Work is generally performed in close proximity with other employees and in highly visible public areas.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Reads water meters and maintains proper records of readings.
  • Performs repairs on leaking and/or broken water mains and service connections.
  • Assists with the installation and repair of service connections.
  • Flushes and performs other maintenance on fire hydrants and blow-off valves as required.
  • Prepares and submits reports and records when required.

Additional Job Functions:

  • Maintains the grounds around water storage tanks, pump houses, and other facilities as required.
  • Assists in the renewal of properties after repair work as required.
  • Performs housekeeping duties as required.
  • Maintains and cleans District equipment/vehicles on an as needed basis.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned by supervisors.

Acceptable Experience and Training:

A high school diploma or Graduate Equivalency Degree.  An employee in this position must hold a valid driver’s license at the time of hire and must maintain license validity during his or her term of employment with the District.

Additional Requirements:

An employee of this class is expected to obtain a class “C” water distribution certificate issued by the State of North Carolina within 18 months from the date of entry into this classification.

Other Assignments:

From time to time an employee in this position may be assigned other duties outside of the normal scope of responsibilities listed within this position classification description. This job description is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of responsibilities assigned to this position and should not be interpreted as such. Assignments outside the scope of this description can become permanent based on the needs of the District.

Working Environment:

Employees in this position may experience frequent exposure to the elements and adverse conditions during the normal course of duties. Employees may be exposed to or work in the vicinity of chemicals, dust, and other materials that require proper safety precautions. Employees in this position may be subject to working hours beyond that of normal scope and may be required to report for duty under emergency conditions.

Physical Requirements:

Physical efforts in this position are considerable and involve standing, climbing, stooping, reaching and walking, and lifting of up to 100 lbs. Dexterity in the use of fingers and limbs is required for this position. Extended periods of sitting, standing, and moderate lifting of up to 50 lbs. can be expected in this position. Employees in this position must possess adequate hand-eye coordination and sensory perception abilities.

Tools and Equipment:

Employees may be exposed to: motorized vehicles, office equipment, computer keyboards, hand tools, and other motorized and non-motorized equipment during the course of duties in this position.