Homeowner's and Renter’s Service Application

Please read this application in full before completing and submitting.

Thank you for your interest in obtaining service with the District. New customer water turn-on requests must be submitted and paid in full before 12 PM in order to be completed the day of submission. All applications paid and completed after 12 PM will be done the following business day. Turn-on requests cannot be done on weekends. Applications are strongly encouraged to be completed online at the customer's convenience but can be completed at our main office. Payment for deposits and service charges is by cash or credit card only; checks cannot be accepted for deposits or new service charges. Unless expressly stated otherwise, completing this form confirms that water appliances are in good condition and are not leaking, and customer waives the right to be home at time of turn-on. If it appears that a leak exists when service is turned on, the District will turn the service back off and attempt to make contact with the applicant. If unable to contact the applicant, we will leave the service turned off until the reason for water consumption can be determined. Once we have processed your application, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail to accept payment via debit or credit card. Payments in cash can be accepted at our office at 122 Elkwood Avenue. We do not accept personal checks as payment for new service connections.

All applicants for service with the Woodfin Sanitary Water and Sewer District are required to complete this form in full. Incomplete forms will not be processed. Uploading a photo copy of your driver's license will greatly expediate the speed of your application. Applicants agree to be responsible for all water, sewer, and recycling charges (as applicable) incurred under their account. Applicants agree to submit to a credit check in order to determine creditworthiness and the service charge and/or deposit to be assessed. The identity of all applicants will be confirmed information provided to the District. Should the account become delinquent, applicants agree that the District or an agent acting on its behalf may contact the applicant by telephone, e-mail, wireless text, or other such avenues known to the District. The District may also contact the applicant through contact information provided to notify applicant of water outages, late fees, or other information deemed important and appropriate by the District. The District keeps all customer information secure and confidential and utilizes information only as prescribed by law, and agrees to promptly notify customers of any known or suspected theft or breach of said information. Completing this form shall be considered express consent to these terms. Applying for service through fraudulent methods, such as the use of another individual's social security number, driver's license number, or other identifying information, or applying for water in which the applicant has no financial interest in the property and is neither a renter nor owner of the premises, is a Class G felony under Article 19, Chapter 14 of the North Carolina General Statutes and offenders are subject to full prosecution under the law!

Jun 15, 2021 - 11:59 am
General Info
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Rental Information (rental only)
Automatic Bankdraft Information
Complete this section if you would like to sign up for automatic bankdraft at the time of new service. Signing up for bankdraft helps the District keep its rates down by saving money on processing fees and is free for you!
The name of your banking institution.
Your banking account number *EXACTLY* as it appears on your bank statement. If you obtain your account number from a check, please note that the digits after any punctuation typically denote check number and are *not* part of your account number.
The name on the banking account. This should typically be your name. If you are using an account in a name in any other than your own, we will contact you for confirmation & explanation before setting up bank draft services.