Landlord/Rental Owner Service

Completing the Landlord/Rental Owner Service form allows the owner of a rental property to have water services reconnected in their name for purposes of showing the unit and utilizing minimal water use for cleaning purposes. If you plan on consuming water on a regular basis or allowing the tenant to let the water remain in your name, you may disregard this form and complete the Homeowner & Renter's Service Application. Completing this form and payment of the Landlord fee will allow water to be transfered back to your name when a tenant moves from the property. If water consumption beyond 1,000 gallons is noted after water transfer, normal billing charges will be generated and payable.

The current Landlord/Rental Owner Service fee is $50.00. After you have completed this form we will contact you for payment, which can be accepted via telephone or mail. We also accept cash payments at our office at 122 Elkwood Avenue.

By completing this form and clicking "Submit", you, as the agent or owner of the rental property, agree to be responsible for bills generated in the name of the landlord or rental company. You will not be responsible for bills generated in a tenant's name provided the tenant has properly applied for and been granted service. It is the responsibility of you, the property owner or manager, to ensure that tenants apply for service in a proper and timely fashion. Water, sewer, and recycling bills generated in the landlord's name by a tenant who has not properly applied for service will remain the responsibility of the property owner.

This is the address of the property to be serviced by the District.
The address to which bills or other inquiries should be sent.
If you are an individual owner, enter your SSN here. Businesses and corporations should enter their applicable federal tax ID.
If this is a business or corporation, mark as "N/A".
All rental property must have a 24-hour emergency contact name and number in order to be serviced as a Landlord/rental account. This can be the property manager, owner, repair facility, or some other agent of the owner/business.