Leak adjustment Request

As a benefit and courtesy to our customers, the District has created a new leak adjustment insurance program that helps customers offset the cost of large, unexpected water bills due to leaks or breaks beyond the customer’s reasonable control or knowledge.


When a customer discovers a water line leak or break, either through contact with the District or on their own, the customer is responsible for locating and repairing the leak in a timely manner. Once repairs have been made, the District, at its discretion, will provide water and sewer adjustments to customer bills using the following criteria:

1. Customers are responsible for the first $25.00 in water charges per leak/break “incident”, regardless of the size or circumstance of the leak – no water charge adjustments will be provided below this level (sewer charge adjustments may be provided).

2. For water charges beyond this amount, the District will determine the customer’s average water usage for the previous 12 months (or maximum time frame for customers of less than 12 months).

3. Customers will be responsible for paying their average bill water charges in the normal fashion.

4. If the leak has been successfully repaired, the District will waive the remainder of charges up to a maximum of $1,000.00 per customer per calendar year.

5. Water charges beyond $1,000.00 will be split 50/50 with the customer and allow the customer to make payments over a maximum period of 12 months to cover the difference.

6. Customers are limited to no more than two leak adjustments in any 12 month period and a maximum benefit of waived water charges of $1,000.00 per calendar year.

7. Late charges and sewer charges do not count towards the adjustment benefit and will normally be waived as part of a water adjustment.

8. The leak adjustment program is not a substitute for the customer’s responsibility to maintain their water lines and equipment in acceptable condition; more than three adjustments at the same address, for the same customer, will not be provided except under extenuating circumstances after review by the District Director.

In order to qualify for an adjustment, in addition to the aforementioned criteria, customers must:

A) Provide proof that a repair has been made, such as a plumber's receipt, materials receipt, or other acceptable information as requested by the District;

B) Have an account with the District in good standing; adjustments will not be granted to accounts with delinquent balances or charges unless the delinquency or charge was a consequence of the leak in question; and

C) Have completed the District’s leak adjustment form and requested an adjustment no later than four months from the date of the incident in question.

All leak adjustments are final at the discretion of the District. By clicking "Submit", you certify that all information contained within this application is true to the best of your knowledge.

If you have a copy of a receipt or other paperwork on your computer, you may download it here.