Planned water outage, Reems Creek

There will be a planned water outage for the Reems Creek area on Wedneday, November 2, 2016, from 8 AM until 4 PM to perform system repairs. Some customers may not notice the effects of the outage but all customers should be prepared for loss of water pressure and/or water flow during this time. Affected streets include:

Reems Creek; Blackberry Inn; Sawyer Cove; Sugar Cove; Roberts Cove; Ox Creek; Mundy Cove; Eller Hollow; Cozy Mountain; Brigman Road; Blevins Road; Herron Cove; Parker Cove; Beaverbrook; Brookwood; Elk Mountain Scenic Highway; Robin Hood; Dry Creek; Graystone Road. Homeowners in this area on adjacent streets may also be affected if their service connection is on one of the affected streets.

This site will be updated regularly during the day as more information becomes available. All work is expected to be complete by 4 PM.