Water Conservation Rebate Application

The District offers rebates for certain water-saving devices, such as low-flow toilets, high efficiency washing machines, and other fixtures and appliances, as well as a limited service charge rebate program. For more information about the particular requirements of the rebate program, please follow this link: Rebate Program Guidelines. If you are a former customer and are applying for a Service Fee Rebate, please choose "Other" in the form below and fill out the "Additional Information" box with explanation before selecting "Submit". 

Applications for water-saving device rebates must be made within sixty days of the date of purchase in order to be considered. All rebates are granted at the discretion of the District. If your device qualifies for a rebate, and your account is in good standing, you will receive a credit for the amount of the rebate applied to your account. The rebate program is for homeowners and business owners only and must be retrofitted, permanently mounted devices. New construction and renters are not eligible for participation. Rebates are issued until the total amount funded for the program for the fiscal year is exhausted; thus, rebates are not guaranteed.

Before purchasing a device, customers are strongly encouraged to read the program's guidelines in full and determine whether the device in question qualifies for the program.

Select the type of rebate you are requesting. Multiple devices can be selected.