News Room


We will have a scheduled outage in the Mayfield Rd, Stratford Rd, Graystone, and Beaver Drive areas for maintenance on Thursday 9/14 from 9am till 2pm. Customers will experience low to no water pressure.

We will be closed on Monday September 4th in observance of Labor Day. The office will reopen at 8:30am on Tuesday September 5th.

The outage has been completed at 5:30pm for the Elk Mountain Road area. If you experience air in your lines or discolored water, please run it till it clears.

Update: 8/30 1:45pm. There is an unscheduled outage on Elk Mountain Road. A utility company accidently hit a water line. We approximate service will be restored by 7:00pm.

Update 8/11  7:20pm: Service has been restored in the Stratford Road area. Customers may experience discolored water and or air in your line, please run your water till it clears. Pressure will increase as the line  pressurizes. 

Update 3pm: The work on Mayfield Rd and Beaver Drive has been completed. If you experience discolored water, please run your water till it clears. Work on Stratford is ongoing. We will update the website once work is complete. 

Friday August 11: We have an outage on Mayfield Road, Beaver Drive, Stratford Road and streets off of Stratford. We are estimating completion by 7pm, we will update the website once completed. 

We have an unscheduled outage Thursday 8/10 at 11pm for Mayfield Road and Beaver  Drive. Service will return during the day on Friday 8/11. Website will be updated when work is complete.

On Thursday 8/10, the payment window will open at 9:45am.

The scheduled outage from last night was completed at 6am. As the system  pressurizes, you may experience discolored water or air in your lines. Please run them till your water clears. Thank you for your patience.