News Room


The scheduled outage for 10/30 9am -4pm for line replacement on Sun Valley Drive. Sun Valley Drive, Sun Valley Court and Dix Creek Lane has been completed. If you experience discolored water or air in the line, please run your water till it clears. Thank you.

The unscheduled outage for Wednesday 10/18 9am till 4pm from Elkwood Avenue to Riverside Drive areas due to a leak has been completed. Thank you.

Service Restored: 10/17 4:45pm Water service is slowly being restored to the Town of Woodfin. Customers will continue to see an increase in pressure. If you experience air in the line or discolored water please run it till it clears. Thank you for your patience.

Due to ongoing work to fix the break caused by a utility hitting a water line, the Town of Woodfin will see low to no water pressure. We are working as quickly as possible to shorten the outage. We will update the website and text alerts when work will be completed.

We have an unscheduled outage Tuesday 10/17 at 12:25pm. Another Utility hit one of our water lines. Customers in the Elkmont Drive, Elkmont Terrace, Beaver Drive and Pineview Drive areas will experience low to no pressure. Will update a time of completion once available.

Scheduled Outage Wednesday 10/18 9am-2pm Mt Carmel Road area for Fire Hydrant replacement. Will update when work is complete.

The schedule outage for today has been postponed for the Fire hydrant replacement on Mt Carmel Road. We will update with a new date and time when work will begin. Thank you.

We have completed work on the unscheduled outage Friday 9/29 at 10:30am  in the Washington Ave area. Thank you.

The scheduled outage on Mayfield Rd. and Beaver Drive on Thursday 9/28 from 9am till 2pm has been completed. If customers experience air in their lines or discolored water please run it till it clears.

Update: Work completed 9/20 2:15pm. The outage has been completed for the area around Sunset Drive at the intersection of Mount Carmel.